Vermicelli soup

Vermicelli soup, probably, the most favorite soup among children and it is pleasant to adults not less strongly. This soup can be prepared every day, it practically doesn't bother.

1 kg of a beef shin without bone
150 g. of carrots
3 carnations
2 bay leaves
200 g. of vermicelli
1 head of onions
30 g. of parsley
5 fragrant peppers
1.5 teapot of salts

Fill in meat in three liters of cold water and put a pan on strong fire.
When on a water surface the skin will start appearing, it is necessary to reduce fire and to remove foam.
Add in a pan of spice and the cleared vegetables.
As soon as vegetables become soft, take out them. Continue to cook to readiness of meat. Ready meat broth needs to be salted and filtered through a sieve.
Bring broth to boiling and add to it vermicelli. Cook to readiness within 3-5 minutes.
Serve vermicelli soup to a table hot, having put in each of plates on 1 slice of meat and having strewed all with greens.
Bon appetit!