Paste with vegetables

Carrots of 1 piece.
Broccoli of 0,2 pieces.
Onion of 1 piece.
Olive oil 50 ml.
Corn tinned 1 glass.
Salt 0,3 teaspoon
Paprika ground 0,5 teaspoon
Pepper black ground 1 pinch.
Garlic 1 clove.
Macaroni 300 g
Butter 50 g

Paste in the form of cockleshells with vegetables - an excellent dish of home cuisine! Thanks to a harmonious combination of vegetables, paste turns out appetizing by sight and very tasty! Before giving strew every portion with polished parmesan!

Peel carrots and cut in small cubes.
Broccoli it is boiled some minutes
Clean onions and crush.
Fry onions.
Add carrots cubes to onions.
Mix and fry on slow fire to softness of carrots.
Add to the fried vegetables of broccoli.
At once we add tinned corn (without liquid).
Add spices: salt, ground paprika, black ground pepper.
Mix and fry on slow fire of 5 minutes.
This time clean and crush a garlic glove.
Add the crushed garlic to vegetables. Mix, fry minute and remove a frying pan from a plate.
Boil to readiness in the added some salt water paste in the form of cockleshells. Merge water.
add butter in paste.
Pour frying pan contents (vegetables and oil in which they were fried) in a pan with paste.
Bon appetit!